"Richard is an inspirational Pilates instructor; he has an uncanny ability to gauge the precise level of encouragement required for each pupil. He can, and does, urge the lazy, timid or fiercely competitive students' alike to greater achievement than they may have dreamed possible by instilling confidence and self-belief.

His calm concentration and total focus on each individual, produces gratifying results for all who are fortunate enough to come within his aegis. These qualities are also self-evident in his work as an osteopath; a deft touch and sensitive approach combine to instill trust in his patients which is amply rewarded by the results he produces.

Richard is blessed with an increasingly rare quality - he listens, really listens, to what you (and your body!) are telling him. All this and a sense of humour too!

I cannot recommend his services in both fields highly enough."

Dawn McCormick Dean (Retired ballet dancer and actress)

"I have been doing weekly one-to-one Pilates sessions with Richard Budd since 2003, with the objective of strengthening a weak back and gaining more body flexibility. It has been very successful and I can only praise Richard for my results and improved well-being.

Richard's unique approach mixes rigorous technique, in-depth knowledge of how the body works (Richard is also an osteopath) and a great sense of humour. Results are quick to come, making the sessions efficient as well as pleasant and relaxing.

I strongly recommend Richard both for Pilates and osteopathy."

Fran├žoise Peretti
Managing Director
Peretti Communications Ltd.


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